Surfing Lessons in Cabo

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Surfing Lessons in Cabo

Experience the Best Surfing San Jose Del Cabo Offers with the best surf school!

Are you someone who dreams about experiencing the waves, but needs some guidance to maneuver the surfboard? Our qualified surf instructors offer private and group surfing lessons for people of all skill levels. Our tried-and-tested instruction method will take you from sand to surf within 2 hours!.

Participants will learn about ocean awareness, wave breaks, ocean conditions, safety in and out of the water, wave etiquette, paddling, push up and pop up techniques, as well as riding waves and balancing. All students will start out in shallow areas riding the whitewater until they are comfortable with venturing further out. Our instructors are all CPR/First-Aid and lifeguard certified, and ready to teach you the basics of surfing in Los Cabos.

Our Surf Plan

The lesson includes:

Prices: Semi-Private


In Costa Azul – $90 dlls per person

surfing lessons

Our surfing lessons provide a safe and non-threatening environment for the beginning surfer – no angry localism here! Come have fun learning how to surf and explore the wonders of the ocean with our experienceed guides. If you have ever thought about surfing and thought “no way”, think again! Lets catch some waves!.

First we start you off with thirty minutes of instruction on the beach to go over the basics. We walk you through water safety guidelines to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience on the water.

Now on to the fun part! We take you out into the water to put what you have learned into practice. We help you catch the waves with our guidance, while perfecting your form to get you standing up on the board. Once we’re confident in your progress, we let you surf on your own so that you can show off your newfound skills to your friends and family!.

What skills do I need to become a good surfer?

surfing takes less skill than it does desire

The simple act of surfing takes less skill than it does desire. If you love to ride waves, you will learn how to surf, no matter your strength or physical attributes. That said, while you can always become an adequate surfer with enough practice, surfing lessons and passion, to become a great surfer, you need to possess a few key attributes.


Surfing is at first a balancing act. Not only are you staying erect and centered on the deck of a surfboard, but that surfboard is falling through space and slicing through moving ocean currents as you do so. If you can ride a skateboard, you can probably surf. Well, at least you have the capability to get to your feet and ride.


This quality is much more essential to paddling than it is to surfing. A standard wave is only a few seconds long, so it doesn’t take much to take off, angle along the face, and kick out. However, to paddle incessantly through whitewater, heaving lips, and swirling currents takes endurance. You have to be willing to push through pain and exhaustion if you want to get a lot waves on a big day. Sure, enough stoke and adrenaline will go a long way, but that last half hour of a three hours’ session requires you to go to another realm of endurance when the surf is pumping.

Okay, if you have balance, flexibility, and endurance in addition to taking surfing board lessons in Cabo and a real passion for surfing; you will more than likely progress quite quickly. Those qualities will insure that you will not only perform on the wave but you will also be capable of staying safe in heavy situations.

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Being flexible is essential to surfing well. Think about a typical ride: you jump to your feet from a prone position, bend at the back and crouch at the knees while absorbing the shock of the bounding surfboard. Essentially, surfing is all knees and back…knees and back. Strangely, with all this bending and bounding, surfers have pretty serious longevity in the sport. It’s not uncommon to see 60 year olds sitting right next to a teenager in the lineup even on heavy days. So there must something about the act of paddling and riding that keeps the body moving into old age.

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