Storm Blade

The Traditional SSR Lineup for Storm Blade has left countless smiles on faces across the world. One of the widest used foam Surf School lineups meant to be the friendliest option from learners with varying levels of ocean experience.

8FT Perfomance SSR

Weight: 16.34lbs
Dimensions: 8′ L x 22.59″ W x 3.26″ T / 86 ltrs

9FT SSR Maxx AZ Blue

Weight: 20.68lbs
Dimensions: 9′ L x 29.625″ W x 4.4″ T / 145 ltrs


  • Blue
  • Turquoise


• Superior-grade EPS Core with SPER™ (Reinforcement layering)
• Fuller template
• 5mm EBS™ Extruded Barrier Skin Deck
• 3x Marine-Ply Stringers
• Nose, Rail, & Tail Reinforcement
• HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) High Impact Bottom
• 3x 4.5” Bolt thru fin set
• Bolt thru Leash Plug
• Central Carry Handle
• 9ft SSR MAXX Nose & Tail Handles
• Fin area water resilience
• NSSIA Certified & Endorsed product

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